World Famous Musicals in London

There are plenty of lovers and enthusiasts of musicals especially in the London area. This is why there are many theatres in London that offer the residents the opportunity to catch their favourite musicals. The musicals are performed on different days and times allowing the residents to be able to watch these shows when it is convenient for them.

Tickets for such musicals can be purchased online from reputable sites. Some of the sites offer discounts on the tickets bought by the customers. Musical lovers should ensure that they book their tickets early in order to get a good and comfortable seat.

Most of the London theatres are located in Theatre land, which is in the West End of central London. The theatre district is a major tourist attraction for tourists who want to watch a West-end show. The theatres have been playing major musicals that are loved and adored by many for decade.

The longest running musical in a London theatre in the West End is the musical “Les Misérables”. The musical has been running since 8th October 1985 until today. It used to play at the Palace theatre but now it is shown at the Queen’s theatre. The musical has been running for 27 years consecutively, making it one of the world famous musicals.

“Cats” by Andrew Lloyd Webber had also been running for a very long time until it was closed in 2002. The musical had showcased up to 8,949 performances and it had been playing for 21 years before it came to an end. Other great musicals that have been playing for a long time include “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Blood Brothers,” which were created and directed by Willy Russell.

The “Phantom of the Opera” opened on 9 October 1986 has been running for 26 years now. The musical has always had a home at Her Majesty’s theatre where many people have thronged to year after year to watch it. “Blood brothers” has been showing since 28 July 1988. It was played at the Albert theatre but it was later transferred to the Phoenix theatre. The musical will be subsequently closed down on 10 November 2012 making its final year the 24th year of running.

Many other great musicals have been performed in various London theatres. These musicals are much more recent productions than the ones mentioned above. However, they are still classified as world famous musicals at London.

“The Lion King” is a favourite among millions of people across generations. Both children and adults still flock to London theatres to catch the musical. The musical opened on 19 October 1999 at the Lyceum theatre. 2012 will mark its 13th year running on the London theatre scene. Be sure to visit any theatre in London to catch the latest musical or one of the memorable classics.


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